Top-of-the-Line Security Systems to Help Protect Your Business

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Top-of-the-Line Security Systems to Help Protect Your Business

Your Reliable Commercial Alarm and Security Systems Company

Full Circle Maintenance and Repair is here to provide you with the latest solutions to help you safeguard your business and investment.

Who We Are

Full Circle Maintenance and Repair is a licensed commercial alarm and security service company. Since 2006, we have been offering our clients a variety of security solutions, customizing for them the kind of system that suits their needs.

Our Mission

We aim to provide our clients with top-notch commercial security systems and high-quality products as well as exceptional 24-hour central station monitoring.

Our Locations

We strive to make our services accessible to more businesses. For this reason, we established two offices: one located in Livonia, MI and another in Charlotte, NC.

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What We Offer

Video Surveillance Systems

We install, monitor, and maintain video surveillance systems for commercial establishments.


We service various kinds of camera security systems, such as high-definition, analog, and IP.


By having an alarm system installed on your property, intruders can be easily detected.

Face Recognition System

With this system, every individual who enters your premises can be accounted for.

Biometric Readers

Using biometric readers can enhance your company’s identification process and security system.

Card Access

This security solution can make restricting or granting access to certain areas in your facility easy.

Our Projects

At Full Circle Maintenance and Repair, we never compromise quality for the sake of profit. We make sure that every project we work on will serve its purpose in enhancing the security within the premises of our clients’ buildings or establishments. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have earned the trust of many commercial property owners.

Upgrade Your Security System Today

Deter crime and detect possible intruders by letting our team install top-of-the-line security systems on your building.

The Process







Security System Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Investing in a security system can be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your business. By having an alarm or video surveillance system in place, you can offer your employees and customers a safe environment. They can have peace of mind even during late shifts or odd hours, when thieves are most likely to make a move.

If you want to heighten the security in your premises, turn to us. Our professional team will install the system that will suit your needs to help ensure the protection of your assets, even when you’re away.


We Strive For Quality!

The Benefits of Installing a Security System in Your Building

We believe that the benefits far outweigh the costs of security system installation.

Create a safe environment.

Identify who is in your building.

Control access to certain areas.


Deter crimes on your premises.

Automate verification of personal identity.

Record all activities in your establishment.